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Volumizing Hair Jelly Pact #Dark Brown 12g | Seven Blossoms
Volumizing Hair Jelly Pact #Dark Brown 12g

Volumizing Hair Jelly Pact #Dark Brown 12g

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Struggling with thinning hair, don't despair! With black beans extract, jojoba seed and meadowfoam seed oil to nourish scalp, this hair pact helps create a neat and fuller hairline on-the-go. Contains rich starch ingredients to keep the hair line matte and fresh, and Jojoba Seed Oil to nourish and give pore care to your scalp.
Hair Line Cover: Apply an appropriate amount on the puff, then apply on the space of the hair line inwards and outwards.
Top of the head Cover: get proper amount on the puff, gently pat on the top of the head to cover the thinning spots.