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About Us

A gift parcel from a friend,  my very first Korean sheet mask, and so began an obsession.  Who isn’t intrigued by a Horse fat sheet mask or a snail mucin eye cream? It turns out a lot of people, which is why we also stock everything from broccoli to oatmeal.

With my Korean skincare addiction, I kept lamenting the lack of K-Beauty products in SA, and this is how Seven Blossoms was conceived.

Korean beauty has taken the world by storm for a while now. Their ingredients are largely natural, and they have introduced products that are now being used worldwide (serums and essences).  They're cool, they're different, they smell wonderful, and of course, they use the most exotic ingredients!

And most importantly, they really work, and even more than that, they really are cost effective!

Our products are carefully curated, and we try out everything before putting them on our website. We’re happy to discuss your skincare problems and try to work out a solution together, so don’t hesitate to contact us.
If you haven’t tried K-Beauty before, what are you waiting for? Let's begin this exciting adventure together.

*In case you’ve read this far, the Horse Fat masks are unavailable to order sadly, but we’ll hide a picture of them somewhere on this site