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Travel Kit 4 pcs

Travel Kit 4 pcs

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Contains Himalayan Nard Oil to offer rich nourishment to hair and body. This kit includes:

Shampoo 100ml:

Nourishes dry hair follicles with 6 kinds of Hydrolyzed Proteins. Contains naturally derived surfactants to minimize irritation to scalp.

Treatment Conditioner 100ml:

A nourishing hair conditioner that delivers rich moisture and nutrients to the hair for a healthy scalp and radiance. Formulated with 5 types of naturally-derived plant oils that protect the scalp and hair with a moisture barrier that enhances the hair elasticity. Contains Hydrolyzed Protein with 6 types of proteins and 11 types of amino acids that nourishes and rejuvenates dry hair.

Body Wash 100ml:

This rich foam with a subtle fragrance helps the body relax and rejuvenate. Free of CMIT/MIT.

Body Lotion 100ml:

Contains nutrient-rich Shea Butter leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised. Absorbs quickly into skin with no oily residue.


Lather up a moderate amount of shampoo and body wash, and apply over your hair and body respectively. Rinse well with warm water.

Apply a moderate amount of Treatment conditioner to wet hair and comb through with your fingers or a shampoo brush.

Apply the body lotion over your entire body and massage in gently for maximum absorption.