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Soy Milk Moisture Face Wash - Rich 150g | Seven Blossoms
Soy Milk Moisture Face Wash - Rich 150g

Soy Milk Moisture Face Wash - Rich 150g

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Soy milk-enriched foaming facial wash helps to remove dirt and makeup while also softening and brightening skin.
Free of fragrance, artificial colourants and mineral oils.
Dispense an adequate amount into your palm and massage into your face to remove dirt, makeup and impurities. Add a few drops of water to create a lather. Rinse well with warm water.
Water, myristic acid, glycerin, stearic acid, K hydroxide, glyceryl stearate, BG, ethanol, soy oil, soy bud extract, soybean seed extract, silica, tocopherol, coconut oil fatty acid PEG-7 glyceryl, palmitic acid, polysorbate 80, soy isoflavone, lauric acid, di lauroyl glutamate (cholesteryl / octyldodecyl), diglycerin, polyquaternium-10, cocamidopropyl betaine, martitol, 5Na pentetoate, soybean protein, decyl glucoside, DPG, lecithin, fermented soy milk, fermented soymilk