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Oily Hair Blotting Paper 20 sheets | Seven Blossoms
Oily Hair Blotting Paper 20 sheets - SevenBlossoms

Oily Hair Blotting Paper 20 sheets

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A set of 20 portable, oil-absorbing hair blotting tissues perfect for on-the-go touchups.

A'PIEU's portable, oil-absorbing dry shampoo hair blotting tissues are infused with silica powder to absorb excess oil without disturbing your style. One tissue leaves hair instantly refreshed and cleansed with an easy mess-free application.

These blotting sheets are the perfect size for slipping into your bag. Get ready for endless good hair days ahead.


Using the powder-coated side of the sheet, press with fingertips and rub wherever you need immediate oil absorption.
Move your fingertips to an unused section and continue as needed.