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Biore Moisture Face Wash 30g | Seven Blossoms
Biore Moisture Face Wash 30g

Biore Moisture Face Wash 30g

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This new and improved formula foaming cleanser uses less chemical agents and efficiently removes buildup of dirt, excess oil and makeup residue from your skin. A light floral scent elegantly accompanies your cleansing routine, resulting in a cleaner, softer and smoother complexion.


Dispense an appropriate amount (about 2 to 3 cm) an apply to damp face. Massage well using circular motions to create a lather.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Water, glycerin, stearic acid, myristic acid, laureth-6 carboxylic acid, palmitic acid, hydroxylated K, lauric acid, sorbitol, polyquaternium-7, PG, EDTA-2Na, methyl paraben, perfume