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The Shoots of a Blossom Forming | Seven Blossoms

The Shoots of a Blossom Forming

Hey there blossoms, or whoever ends up on this page (if you're not a "blossom" yet, hopefully, you'll be one soon; either way, pull up a chair, brew that tea, and enjoy my first ever blog post.

To begin with, allow me to apologise in advance. I'm not much of a writer, but I'll try my best. These blog posts will be random, include a man with a beard (his words, not mine), and a couple of terrible analogies (if you have any better analogies, please let me know. You're not only sparing me, but you're also sparing everyone I speak to.)

The most common discussion I have with people can be boiled down to:
"What is good skin?"

My answer is always the same.

Good skin has pores. Good skin has marks. Good skin has wrinkles. Good skin has freckles.
Mainly, and most importantly, good skin glows.

For me, it's that simple.


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