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Fresh Apple Toner 180ml | Seven Blossoms
Fresh Apple Toner 180ml - SevenBlossoms

Fresh Apple Toner 180ml

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Skinfood Fresh Apple Toner provides a cool, refreshing feeling to enlarged and saggy pores to effectively control sebum and smooth skin!

Skinfood's patented fresh apple formula is excellent for shrinking pores and minimizing sebum secretion while Chojeong-ri sparkling water, instead of distilled water, is used for an extra frosty effect!

This sparkly toner also contains Pore Tightening Complex, which is a delicious mixture of ripe persimmons, chestnuts, and green tea extracts that are known to provide extra pore shrinking results.

This toner is a refreshing drink for your skin!


  • Pore shrinking
  • Oil-Controlling
  • Smoothing


After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to hand or cotton puff. Pat or swipe gently on skin to promote absorption. Continue with skincare routine.