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1/3 Cotton Pads 160pcs | Seven Blossoms
1/3 Cotton Pads 160pcs

1/3 Cotton Pads 160pcs

Pyunkang Yul
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Lint-free sponge pulp pads that effectively transfer liquid solution to your skin ensuring no wastage.

Use these pads and you will only need "1/3" of the amount of liquid skincare product that you would normally use. Soft and cushiony, these beauty pads are designed to deliver toner or essence to your skin more effectively than traditional cotton pads by soaking up the liquid product and then releasing it back when pressed onto the skin. Thin but highly absorbent pads which can be used as a face mask when soaked with essence or toner.

These cleansing Pads are ultra-gentle — dissolving makeup while refining skin texture without any risk of irritation. Use with your favorite toner, or simply use the pads on their own to dispel signs of dullness and revitalize skin showing signs of fatigue.


After cleansing, dispense a small amount of skincare onto a cotton pad and gently wipe across your face.
Or apply skincare contents to cotton pads and use it like a sheet mask.


Pulp Rayon blend