MISSHA Brush Cleaner
MISSHA  Brush Cleaner
Brush Cleaner 1pc

Brush Cleaner 1pc

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No need to use one brush per shadow to avoid muddying up colours. Now do your whole eye look with one brush!

This fuss-free brush cleaner consists of a disc-shaped black sponge and a circle white sponge in the middle. Without adding water, wipe the brush on the black sponge until it’s clean and check against the white sponge.

Moisten the white sponge and dab on it before using the brush to apply makeup for a more vivid look. Flip the sponge to the other side when it gets dirty, and cleanse with water when needed. The white sponge can also be used to gently put bristles back in place.


Cleanse your makeup stained brush on the black sponge.
Then wipe the clean brush on the inner white sponge to brush to double cleanse.